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CCTV Sales & Installation 

We offer end-to-end CCTV camera installation services. We are the leading professional, reliable, and cost-effective security company specializing in installing CCTV cameras for commercial, industrial, residential, government, and many other sectors. 

We are capable of installing CCTV cameras from top brands. We offer a range of professional grade security products and installation services. There are many types of CCTV problems, like flickering CCTV video, live feed not working, issues with PTZ and dome cameras, CCTV cameras not working at night, faulty hard drives and recorders, horizontal lines on CCTV video, CCTV is not streaming on the mobile app, CCTV camera’s DVR is not recording, black and white images, CCTV camera showing a black screen, CCTV camera footage is noisy, and more. If you find any problem, call us or drop an enquiry, and we will fix it. We install HD security cameras in your workplace or home to monitor every moment. In offices, these systems also protect employees both directly and indirectly, as you can get record instances. 

Biometric Solutions 

Biometric access systems are providing an added level of security for your premises. We are offering end-to-end biometric solutions to a wide variety of businesses and organizations. We have a team of security technology experts with a focus on the installation, commissioning, and service of biometric security solutions. Our company is a leading biometric product supplier, installer, and service provider. Our products and solutions meet the needs of enterprises of any size or industry. We provide the latest technology in biometric access (fingerprint, iris, face, etc.) solutions at the best prices. You will ensure reliable, expert installation, maintenance, service, and support. 

Burgular Security Alarm

 “Security Alarm” is a crucial device designed to protect your premises from unauthorized access or intrusions. It functions by emitting a loud sound or alert signal when triggered, deterring potential intruders, and notifying occupants of a possible breach. Security alarms come in various types, including door/window alarms, motion detectors, and more, offering versatile options to safeguard your property and enhance security measures. 

Safeguarding Home :  Not just another home security device! It’s the most comprehensive home security solution ever—a 24×7 professionally monitored alarm system to guard your home day and night. This is how security should be done. 

Monitor your sites remotely and get automatic notifications for any intrusions. Alarms for all types of intrusions with real-time information by SMS or email.